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Safecup – Best Menstrual Cup in Bangladesh

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India's Best
Menstrual cup Now Available in Bangladesh

With unmatched quality and customer support,let’s redefine your period care.We are all in this together.

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ভাষা নির্বাচন করুন

Get the safest cup.

A menstrual cup stays in your body for 5 days out 30 days in a month. That is 1 year of every 6 years. Be considerate of this fact, and use only the best quality menstrual cup. Its a one time buy.

Why Safe Cup?

Made in USA

Medical Grade VI Silicone

No Added colors

Unmatched Customer Service

Distinguished design

Mindfully designed for a seamless period cycle

We are sure you have a lot more questions on your

We’re here to convert you to using the best menstrual cup.

Tips for first-timers? Confused about your size? Sceptical about cups? Wondering how to choose a cup? We have got all the answers – check out the help section here or chat with our menstrual expert.


What is a size exchange guarantee?

Complete your period

30 Million Sanitary Napkins Saved From Entering The Landfill

Medical Grade
Nationwide shipping

Starts from only BDT.60

Easy 7 days replacement

Only if the product is faulty

Quality Ensured

Every product's quality is ensured

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